The Freeman

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definitly should bring controversy on the board.
our biggest short-term needs are a 3rd edge rusher, 3rd down back who can catch, some competition at receiver for the 3rd spot if AB doesn’t come back, backup C, DL, S, CB, PR, etc…
there isn’t one major hole for 2021, just part time role player or depth.
If you look for 2022, there is half ot the starting lineup projected to hit free agency leaving potential needs at RB (×2), TE (×2), WR, RG, C, DL (×2), Edge rusher, S, CB.

If you let the draft come to you, the probability to pick a DL is really low, the strength of this year class is on offense… it’s a great QB, WR and Oline class!

imo this draft is scary if you need DL, RB or edge rusher!