Boid Fink

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No it’s a concern. I have a feeling money will settle these cases amicably. But you never know.

But make no mistake…AB is not just a luxury item. He’s a playmaking baller. He has some time and familiarity with this offense…his value is actually quite significant. They have studs, but having three stud wideouts to compliment Johnson and Scooter who are developing young talents, is critical as well.

I think AB is very important. Bucs need to get their finances and lawyers together quick, and decide what to do. If he is clearly not going to be available this year, well…that would suck but there are guys that can be had that would help. But they won’t be nearly as good as AB. Not even close.

Fitz is completely washed up. He should retire. Bucs don’t need to give spots away to men living off their name and not their merits.

Reminds me of when Gruden brought Tim Brown here to fair catch punts. I want to know if I’m the only one concerned with AB’s pending court case? This dude will be suspended by the NFL again if it turns out negative.