Boid Fink

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Miller will never be better than AB. If AB goes for 17 this season, put more ey on it that he has a better season than Miller. You’re tripping.

We all know who Brady wants. Without question.

Anyone who thinks Miller or Tyler are even remotely in the same neighborhood as AB is, in terms of talent, they are out of their damned minds. AB still has gas in the tank, and brings more shift and ability than either of those two guys do. I do have hope for Tyler, but he will never be even close to AB. You can book that.

AB won’t require a bidding war either. That’s just stupid. He clearly is not to be trusted by most of not all organizations, because of his recent mental health meltdowns. But he definitely seems contrite and not a peep has been said since he became a Buc. He’s still busting his ass in the gym and keeping the volume low.

Bucs need to hurry and shore up the tanks with this elite wide out.

Miller was better than Brown in 2020. Deal with it. Brown actually bogged down the offense vs everyone not named the Falcons.