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Also, key finding was that DESIRE TO KILL came before gun purchase with most mass shooters (based on port event evidence of planning and social media posts and family/friend interviews). Boulder guy is latest example.

Article today amplifying this point:

Community awareness thwarted attempted school attacks, new Secret Service report says

“Most potential attackers displayed concerning, observable behavior while developing the attack, showing a list of moments in which authorities or parents could intervene. Almost two-thirds of would-be attackers displayed emotional or psychological symptoms such as depression, homicidal thoughts, suicidal thoughts, or anger. Some students displayed a concerning interest in violence or researched past attacks such as Columbine, the Oklahoma City bombing, or the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting. A few students appeared drawn to White supremacy.

Roughly 85% of plotters did “weapons-related planning,” which could include researching weapons or taking steps to acquire them, such as procuring a firearm or building a bomb. Potential school attackers often planned their actions in detail and some of them chose clothing or music they hoped to play during the incident.
The report also highlights an alarming trend: Often, plotters had unimpeded access to firearms for a list of reasons including being old enough to buy a gun legally, knowing the code to a safe with firearms inside, or parents simply allowing students access to guns inside the home.”