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Who is he going to teach? Bucs have veterans like a Evans and Godwin…and Brady. They have enough mentors. They need quickness, speed, solid hands and abilities like AB. Fitz is old and wore out, collecting checks and being a liability out there. He’s is gassed out. Done sauce.

Give me Larry. He’s on his last legs for sure, but as a future HoF’er he is invaluable as a teacher. I love AB for what he brought to the team, but he’s still a walking timebomb IMO. His history says so.
I know people change. I hope he has. Fact is, we can do without him.

As a #1 or #2 receiver, agreed.

He’d be the #5 option here. Face primarily slot or #4 corners.

He’d mentor TJ & Miller.

Better then godwin & evans could, mind you.

1 year league minimum deal? Sign me up.

#5 option?

i mean it’s a toss up between him and Tyler Johnson.

Evans, Godwin, Brown, and Miller all better than Fitz at this point in their career.

If Fitz wants a LeSean McCoy type role in which he doesnt play than fine but at that point, did he really earn the Superbowl ring if we win again?

Nobody will even remember McCoy was on the 2020 Bucs like 5 years from now.