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the young girl just testified that she took her young cousin into the restaurant because she didn’t want her to see Floyd suffering

also, supposedly multiple first responders turned away? Sop the defense is trying to argue that the crowd was to blame? good grief

Haven’t seen the actual testimony where this is concerned, but my initial response to your response is that unless you have arrested someone in a high crime area, and had to deal with the locals reaction to that arrest, it’s not the same as walking out a shoplifter out of macys. 3,4,5 cops may sound a lot, but it can all of a sudden become a scenario that quickly gets out of hand, and 5 cops becomes nothing. The more you can keep the arrested person under control and quiet, the less likely violence will break out.

This kind of case has a tendency to be emotionally and politically driven resulting in over charging and a lack of evidence. We have already seen this with the re-introduction of the murder 3 charge. IN MY OPINION, murder 3 (manslaughter) is the only thing they can get here, and even then, if there is evidence he was following SOP that should not hold.

Now, there is the chance he is convicted because the Jurors fear the consequences of not convicting. In that scenario there is a high chance of turnover on appeal. For me, the prosecution will have to come up with something above and beyond what we have seen so far to convict.