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Hey Karma,

This is a classic example of why I push back so hard against you sometimes. It is also why you seem to think that I am some fortified partisan, when often I am not. You have a tendency to rush in where fools fear to tread.

In this case there may be some substance to it, or it may be flotsam from the Greenberg investigation (for the record I live in Seminole County that’s why I am familiar with him and the story), but the way it is being portrayed here is clearly biased and/or either half cocked, incompetent or politically driven. There are flaws, and Gaetz seems to have come out with a credible response. Albeit in my opinion.

Acknowledging there are obvious flaws in the story just means I don’t immediately jump on the bandwagon, not that there won’t be any substance to it at a later date.