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Spartan, you are the biggest white person apologist ever, lol. The kid, Rittenhouse, was “victim” who engaged in “self defense” and now Chauvin can only be convicted if the jurors are intimated????????

Who also happens to have more people of color in his family than you will speak to in a fortnight. (OK I’m guessing there, but you get my point!)

We talk these these things through, I listen to what they say and I try to formulate an opinion based on what I see, what they see and how we all interpret it. Then I try to inject some logic, look back on how these things have panned out in the past and comment how it may turn out.

PARTICULARLY in circumstances like this I try to formulate an objective opinion and inject no politics into it what so ever. Not saying I am right, and you probably don’t believe me, but it is what it is.