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This is an insane level of projection

think that I am some fortified partisan, when often I am not. You have a tendency to rush in where fools fear to tread

In this thread I say he’s the worst human being I can think of but I STILL GIVE HIM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. My actual words, typed in this thread

By comparison, you accept as true his claims here (even as I post out that some of them are actually nonsensical) and in another thread you simultaneously admit to not actually seeing the testimony of a witness (in the Chauvin) case WHILE CONCLUDING that a jury convicting Chauvin would only do so because of fear lol. TALK ABOUT RUSHING IN.

You are actually so much of partisan:Anyone here could laughably predict your conclusion-rich post before you even type them. Ritenhouse, Gaetz, Flynn, Chauvin, Trump … all victims in your world … no real violence issue because “Proud Boys couldn’t start a war” and “Michigan guys didn’t succeed”. Literally every post is the same position.

I don’t actually care how the Gaetz story turns out. It’s the Bonfire of the Vanities aspect that is interesting, as is trying to figure it out as it develops. I am wrong all the time. Who fucking cares? Only numnutz like you. This is entertainment not value statements on life lmao. In the Chauvin thread I am actually wrong, then correct myself and credit the other poster for getting it right. ITS ONLY HYPERPOLITICAL types who take all this stuff as some kind of value statement abiut their intelligence .. usually while getting shit completely wrong.