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The NYT did get a response from Gaetz

Notice how vague it is compared to the later more elaborate defense

I guess “Marty Nice” was trying to say, in his own pedo way, that: “At least I wasn’t banging altar boys!”? 😂

Question: (Open to all 😎) Does that mean that, when I’m at Cabal gatherings, I might see this dude next to me at the Baby Blood Bar?

I swear, these hyper-religious, Q Loving, alt-righters love to project.

I’M the one that’s supposed to be linked to a baby-eating, blood drinking, Cabal of Global Elite Pedophiles that want to control the world; however, every time a politician gets nailed for banging little girls / boys, or blowing some dude in an airport men’s room, it’s always the favourites of the Religious Right. Why is that?

These people have special rules for everything.

Example: Homosexuality is WRONG!!!! (Unless it occurs in a Minnesota Airport between consenting travellers. 😂)

Is there something about airport men’s rooms that cause them to exist in some alternative universe, thus suspending the rules of behaviour while within this “safety zone”?

It’s a like I alwayz sayz, any time a group of people spout off about “immoral” behaviour, they really need to look into a mirror.

I’ve never voted for a Republican, for ANY office, in my entire life, since I became of age under the Carter Administration. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never eaten a baby, drank the blood of a virgin, EVER had the desire to control anything other than my own bowel movements, and if I’m in a Pizza Place, I eat PIZZA!!!! Also, I’m pretty certain I’ve never counted myself amongst the Elites in anything, except maybe being able to take a dark subject and turn it into narrative prose worthy of publication. (My films are INTENTIONALLY genre and will never win any award or even turn an insane profit.) Despite all of this, I’M THE CABAL MEMBER????

Aaaaaaaaaassarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh. 😎

Wynn this ship stops, please do me at the next planet, as I’m starting to believe Douglas Adams was correct all if those years ago. (May he RIP. Forty-nine was way too young to leave this place.)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.