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Guessing now, Gaetz is going down? Just a guess

Its going to be that McGee (who would defend Gaetz in claims like this, perhaps) approached Gaetz about providing a defense or acting as an intermediary (or he reps one of the victims) and so left with nothing else Gaetz has tried to turn that into an extortion plot.

The primary reasons for the guess is understanding Mcgees connection to the DOJ, his current role as a private practice attorney, his denial last night AND the fact that Gaetz link to all of this is like actions from as far back as 2017:

“But the Times reported that the investigation of Gaetz’s relationship and financial dealings stems from the indictment and prosecution of Joel Greenberg, a former Seminole County tax collector. Greenberg was such a close political ally of Gaetz that the congressman endorsed him for a potential congressional run in a 2017 talk radio interview. The two visited the White House together in 2019, posing for a selfie on the lawn.

Greenberg was indicted in June 2020 on charges of sex trafficking a child, alleging he “recruited” and “solicited” a teenage girl between the ages of 14 and 17 for sex for multiple months in 2017 in exchange for favors. Greenberg also allegedly used state resources, including surrendered licenses, to create fake IDs—and allegedly concocted false child-sex allegations against a political rival.”

Gaetz buddy has already been indicted and is sitting in jail and, AS YOU CNA SEE ABLOVE, GAETZ HEAVY CONNECTION TO HIM is 2017 to 2019. The was indicted in 2020. The underlying events are not recent. investigations take time. Why would someone form the DOJ only be trying to extort him now (he said the first “extortion” text is 3/16)

Just a guess. interested to see it play out because if the extortion plot claim is false then Gaetz just did the most Trumpian of things, he ignored basic legal advice and compounded his underlying exposure and defamed someone* in the process.

(*by his denial, McGee has some connection to Gaetz)