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Guessing now, Gaetz is going down? Just a guess

One can only hope. That guy has had his head so far up Trump’s ass, he doesn’t need hair gel. I think him and DeSenseless use the same barber. 😎

Just a guess. interested to see it play out because if the extortion plot claim is false then Gaetz just did the most Trumpian of things, he ignored basic legal advice and compounded his underlying exposure and defamed someone* in the process.

Also true. I think the new “go to” is to blame everything on extortion. IMHO, a lame excuse. Also, I think people forget that extortion is an effective method of getting money from people not only because of potential embarrassment; however, a good number of these allegations in extortion are true.

While not the complete rule, a number of people fail clearances not because of their actions, but because they lie about their actions. If you’re willing to lie about something in a clearance, it means you don’t want it getting out, which means that you can be compromised, and thus, a security risk. (Granted, “baby booming” is something that will kill your clearance regardless).

While not that bad, IMHO, I completely own that I have a shit ton of tickets from the 70s, when I was a teenager. Fairly innocuous; however, if I were to lie about it I would rightfully be denied a clearance.

Oh, in the movie quotes, I could not find the Animal House classic: “I’m only thirteen” line. 😃 (Another film that was hilarious from opening to close.)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.