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Letting the draft come to you is how we ended up with Clayborn and Bowers instead of Watt

Or the team could have made the correct picks in Cam Jordan and Justin Houston/Jerrell Casey.

Still the wrong move Captain Hindsight. The correct move was to trade from #20 to #10 and draft Watt. Redskins traded from #10 to #16, but I’m sure you’re comeback will be going from #20 to #10 wasn’t possible.

Washington received #16 and #49 from Jacksonville for their 10th overall pick. Why in the blue hell would WASH have agreed to take #20 and #51 instead? They wouldn’t have, of course. It would have taken additional compensation from Tampa Bay. But it’s a pretty strawman you’ve built, Mr. Red Board GM.

The better move was staying put and taking the better players that came to you, like Jordan and Houston/Casey.