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And rightly so. There was nothing the Defense could’ve done in Cross that would’ve one over any jurors. There only chance, IMHO, is to challenge the coroner report, and even that argument will be weak.

Two inputs:

Waaaaaaay back, one of my friends growing up and later we were all roommates, became an officer for Howard County, Md. Not long after he was in the force, he was involved in a high speed chase that ended in a shootout in Baltimore. My roommate was always pretty huge, like 6’8”, 300 lb huge. He played football in high school, but was never into taking it further.

During the shootout, he flanked the shooter, but he was still somewhat new. He ran at the guy and landed on him. The shooter broke multiple ribs, multiple other bones, and didn’t fare well, but he lived. His attorney sued and my roommate had to defend himself against brutality charges. He was being brutal, IMHO, as this guy was firing from a 9mm across a busy street. He was ultimately cleared. That said, IMHO, that is justified force. With you have someone in cuffs, lying in the ground, and the other officers there, Chauvin’s actions were unnecessary. What was GF gonna do, run down the street in cuffs? He could barely stand, and by witness accounts was almost dead way before that dude let up.

Also, the defence was an idiot to bring up Petechial Haemorrhaging, as breathing was the main issue. From all that I’ve seen, it was lack of blood to the brain, caused by pressure cutting off supply to the brain that causes various organ shutdown. This dudes actions were indefensible.

My other point is a bit later. A good deal if my funds were officers with Metropolitan PD, (along with a couple DEA Agents). We would all doing together, either at the FoP Lodge or someplace close to home. Being an officer in D.C. is not easy, and my friends were engaged in physical confrontations almost daily, and they were in Adams Morgan, which is now kinda trendy, as Georgetown didn’t want subway access.

Despite my friends constantly being in confrontations, never did they encounter a situation that required them to put someone in a sleeper hold, or were they ever challenged to take force any further than necessary. What happened in Minneapolis was inexcusable, and beyond the trauma to GF and his family, every one of those people who, IMHO, witnessed a murder, will carry that with them for the rest of their lives.

Again, inexcusable.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.