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Well, the wife to be may very well be in on the game here. He will be a more sympathetic figure as he goes through his political, legal and media tribulations if he’s engaged, as opposed to just being a single 38 year old paying a teenager for sex.


We can only hope; however, IMHO, this guy has been a major ass for a while, and yet he always has some reason to excuse his actions as he sits in his moral high ground. Yet, this guy was hoping to have Presidential aspirations? God, I hope this kills those hopes.

Personally, I don’t see this guy changing. He went into denial mode faster than someone being caught in the middle of banging the neighbour’s wife. I just think it’s a part of his DNA.

He shoulda done what that guy in Alabama? did. After banging the fourteen year-old, you marry them.

Years ago, in my first major, I wrote a thesis on sexual mores, age of consent, and it’s impact within each state. Granted, I wrote this paper a long time ago. The one thing that was surprising, even back then, was that southern states had some of the highest ages of consent for sexual conduct, yet you could marry at the age of ten or twelve.

I still remember the wording for Mississippi, which, in my opinion is so subjective, I’m not certain how it could be enforced. (I would like to think they’ve updated their laws by now.)

Mississippi’s statute was, to the effect, age of consent is eighteen, unless the female is deemed to be of lewd, baud or lascivious character. In those cases, consent is the age of twelve.

Another interesting thing, which has been changed since I did my research, is that most states did not have an age of consent for males, and laws only applied to female consent. I forget how many states included males, but it was very few. I remember one, only because I grew up there. In Maryland, age of sexual consent was fourteen, but it pertained to either person. Maryland later upped the age to sixteen, and iirc, now sits at eighteen.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.