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Continuity will make a big difference. Why did Gronk run like a pregnant mule to start the season? Time. That’s your answer. AB is elite as hell. You’re the only guy denying his talent. You think with this continuity he won’t get better? Is that what you’re saying? You’re just running an agenda in an argument that you are again, clearly losing. Ask cornerbacks who they would rather match up with. Miller/Johnson it AB, who has put up monster numbers.

Miller is small. His health is always going to be a concern, particularly lower leg soft tissue injuries. And Johnson is a good prospect, still.

AB is bonafide elite. Sign AB. Johnson and Miller are depth and weapons that have their use, but AB is miles away from those guys in terms of talent. Johnson and Miller combined might not have the numbers AB has had, and AB looked to be growing some rapport with the offensive scheme.

Bring AB back. He isn’t a distraction, he’s a weapon, and a damned good wide receiver. Damned good. Are you living under a rock?

If AB is soooo elite why was the offense the exact same with or without him? Why did he only average 51 yards per game compared to Miller’s 48 yards per game without AB?

You say he’s not a distraction and is elite, but yet is a free agent in April.

But when I asked you to project what AB would do for a healthy 17 games, Miller’s actual production was in-between your low end and high end projections for AB. Either you under estimate what Miller was doing or you’re low on your AB projection and he’ll get 1200 yards, maybe even 1800 yards, the standard for an elite WR.