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@Spartan . . just have to pint this out so you see how comical it is

This thread is about there being an investigation of Gaetz (look at the title). In fact, if you looks my first posts are poking fun at people like OT (and you) for the ridiculous double standard, hyper partisan defensiveness that has him avoiding this thread an topic entirely and you CLOWNING YOURSELF with true, expert level hyper partisan PROJECTION. Here it is. now that we know Gaetz was LYING (conflating two unrelated things):

Your first post in the thread is immediately defending Gaetz:

“the sex trafficking bit of this is a technicality”

you then credit his LIE and say this “Hardly the act of someone who thinks he is guilty.

“I know you are going to call me a shill, in the tank, cocooned etc. etc. But my initial impression is that Gaetz honestly does not think he has done anything wrong

“I have a hunch this will go nowhere


Karma Police – “I think that Gaetz is one of the worst human beings on the planet, but I am still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. In fact, Gaetz says he has shared proof of the extortion attempt with Axios.

I go on to note the CONNECTION between Gaetz and the INDICTED sex trafficker in Seminole County, Greenberg

HERE’S THE HILARIOUS PART. Spartan, this is you PROJECTING (a point I make later):

“This is a classic example of why I push back so hard against you sometimes. It is also why you seem to think that I am some fortified partisan, when often I am not. You have a tendency to rush in where fools fear to tread.”

KEEP IN MIND, YOUR FIRST COMMENT ARE TO CREDIT GAETZ’s LIE and defend him. . . lmfao. You then go on to say this:

“In this case there may be some substance to it, or it may be flotsam from the Greenberg investigation (for the record I live in Seminole County that’s why I am familiar with him and the story), but the way it is being portrayed here is clearly biased and/or either half cocked, incompetent or politically driven. There are flaws, and Gaetz seems to have come out with a credible response.

LMFAO . . you’re making Gaetz out to be the victim.

I say that your comments about me “is an insane level of projection” Again, tis was you:

“you seem to think that I am some fortified partisan, when often I am not. You have a tendency to rush in where fools fear to tread.”

THERES ZERO DOUBT YOU ARE A FORTIFIED PARTISAN. Flynn is innocent, Russia is a hoax, Rittenhouse is innocent, the Michigan kidnapping didn’t work . . Gaetz seems to be telling the truth (when we now KNOW he was lying his ass off)

and as for “rush[ing] in where fools fear to tread” . . . . WELL, that is PRECISELY what you did in this thread, right, while accusing me of doing the same?