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Watching BA’s latest press conference, AB has an offer on the table and it doesn’t seem to be very negotiable. They’ve probably offered him another one year deal similar to Fournette, and said take it or leave it.. that’s probably the reason AB hasn’t signed yet, is he’s looking for more, and he might not get more with his off field issues.

I am ALL for giving Scooter and TJ more snaps, but AB is a MUCH more complete receiver. All this nonsense JC is spewing about Brady’s numbers with/without AB is horse shit. When Evans and Godwin are healthy, subbing in Scooter for certain play calls, using AB for certain formations, and getting TJ more looks is ALL good.

Bringing back AB will bear fruit if/when Godwin or Evans gets injured. Who do you want to trot out there in 2 WR sets? Evans and Scooter? or Evans and AB? I know my answer.

That’s the word I guess, that the two sides are not close on the money. Sounds like fournette went ahead with accepting that he’s not going to make what he wants and sounds like he’s pouting about it in interviews, but brown isn’t there yet. I see no urgency in getting something done with him, let him get back to reality first.