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So many bigger scandals with Trump, you forget about the small shit like that…

the circular, self-fulfilling bogus Trumper outrage cycle.

1. Vote for him to SHAKE UP DC, crush the “deep state” blah blah blah

2. He shakes it up by breaking the law, acting like an autocrat, personally attacking critics etc.

3. Call him a victim when people RESPOND!

4. Claim Biden is treated differently (while ignoring that he ACTS differently)

5. Create fake outrage (dog pooped) while simultaneously claiming Trump was victim of fake outrage (even though he was twice impeached, is under several criminal investigations, started an insurrection, and generally had the lowest approval rating of and President . . oh . . and got his ass kicked by “Sleepy Joe”)

6. and for good measure . . . “HILLARY!!”

7. Extra good measure . . . “HUNTER!!!”