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Dude, again that rock your under…AB is t going to get a co tract that impacts the Bucs cap. He’s been silent as a mouse. He is starting to u set stand the offense. He is still leagues better than scooter or Tyler. You will see if he signs back, again, what a clown you are for pretending you can put up a small sample size and make it seem like that is the permanent trend. Stop arguing. You’ve been shot out of the sky again.

^Answer my question. Godwin gets injured, who would you rather see out there on the field in 2 WR sets? Evans and AB? Or Evans and Scooter?

We lost the Bears game because Evans was banged up and Godwin didn’t play. None of our receivers could get any separation. Scooter, Watson and TJ did not give me confidence to say we’d be okay with injuries.

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It would be Johnson in for Godwin, and the difference between 23 year old Johnson and 33 year old Brown isn’t worth the money and potential trouble.