Boid Fink

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Oh damn son! 😂

Davis and Mond will both be top 50 picks, probably late first early second

Why do you insist on speaking in absolutes? It tends to make you look foolish:

Haskins will go top 5, count on it

Drafted 15th, not top 5.

Kitchens wont go anywhere after one year.

Freddie Kitchens was fired.

Buckeyes will be the number one seed ,end of story.

LSU was #1.

Bucs aren’t drafting no safety early,wont happen.

Bucs drafted a Safety in R2.

Jordan love wont make it past chargers

Not only did he make past the Chargers, he made it past the next 20 teams.

He will end up out there, just not from day one.

Wirfs started from day one.