Diehard Astheycome

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AB for sure and not even close. But how about another option in neither and giving Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson more playing time?

How about letting them stay in their roles and drafting a LEGIT 1,1A NFL caliber WR in Toney if he’s there at 32? We can’t get Evans n Godwin through 16, let alone 17 games. No offense to the Tyler Johnson fans but he’s like a Cam Brate of TEs. Solid hands but not explosive or guaranteed to get open. Miller is good as that 3,4 WR who can draw the deep threat mismatch. Just not durable to take middle of the field hits. I believe Toney could be the ultimate compliment to either Evans or Godwin and we wouldn’t lose the threat of attacking with a 1-2 punch at WR.