Diehard Astheycome

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There are no high floor edge guys, unlike Creed Humphrey. I’d be okay with him at 32. He could play C or G if need be. He would be a steady, solid interior lineman. However historically you can land interior depth later.
I know I’m in the minority but I think if a WR or DB is the BPA we should grab one. We do NOT have an adequate replacement for Evans or Godwin if they get hurt. Johnson n Miller are role guys. They are not starting two WR material. I think WR can get thin quick as it has TWO years in a row. Grabbing a 1st rd talent who can pay huge dividends down the road would be our best bet.
Also as much as people worship our WRs, they don’t ever seem to get much separation in all honesty. I think Toney would fill ABs role which looking at the numbers AB was tops in just about everything once he came on board. Thus Brady likes the element he brings.

However it wouldn’t be a ” bad” pick on Humphrey if he ends up a true stud center like Pouncey or Kelly.