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If money or roster slots was unlimited, then sure bring him in. Since that is not the case, I do not see the positive angle…..but I do see the negative angle. He plays in the slot, which would force Godwin to the outside. Godwin is a good outside receiver, but he is a great slot receiver…..and while Fitzgerald has been known to be a good blocker in his career, he is not the blocker that Godwin is in 2021.

I notice a lot of voices claiming that we do not need AB, but AB is a nice fit for this roster. If he returns and has a full camp to prepare, we even may get a much better version of AB in 2021. AB is only 32 and closing in on HOF numbers. I know some people doubt he gets into the HOF, but according to the PFR Pro Football WR Hall of Fame Monitor, he is very close to the average score for all HOF receivers….and only two current players have a higher score (Larry Fitzgerald & Julio Jones).

This is a great take. I agree with everything you said here.