Boid Fink

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Sports Karma would dictate that Kameis throws five INTs and fumbles 5 more times. Look…the owners gave him repeated chances, even dating back to his serious colleg accusations of sexual assault, and stealing, and yelling FHITP in the student triangle. Then he gets drafted and stinks the place up, comically so at times, and gets caught with another sexual assault allegation. And then he craps on all of his former coaches (who have repeatedly warned him about his turnovers), and he craps on the owners, by trying to fleece them for 40m/per, and then signing for league min with a division opponent. You know what karma is?

It’s the Bucs running through and kicking the crap out of the feckless Saints, and telling Jameis to sit on his couch and watch his replacement win an epic and historic Super Bowl amid a pandemic. Fuuuug Jameis and his jock sniffing fanboys. He was an ingrate and a terrible QB for Tampa. Number 1 overall and five years, no playoffs and leads that time frame in turnovers? And we have to worry about Bucs karma? You don’t know what Karma is. Jameis got his though! And hopefully they stomp his fake ass into the turf when they match up. All that trash the Saints yak and crap Sean Hobbit Peyton has done to our team and we should be the ones to worry about bad karma?

We are gonna run the division

You should NEVER say things like this. Not like he won’t be able to defend Evans in September over an arrest in March. Plus I said last year the Winston redemption storyline is not over yet. I believe in storylines and the oddities of sports karma. I didn’t like Jameis here but the day he signed with New Orleans something bothered me about that. I believe Carolina is building something and on top of that Atl still has a loaded roster who gave us all we could handle last year.
It be just our luck Atl n Car grab Fields and Lance and within 3 years both pan out and we are 6 win team again for another decade.