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This was the testimony I wanted to hear. Initially, I thought the cop was over the top with a knee on the neck for 9 minutes. Then, I read what he did was in their training manual. Now, I see even though what he did was in their training manual he was over the top in its usage. Although I don’t think he wanted the guy to die, I don’t think he cared one way or the other.

That’s probably a fair summation

I assume there is an expert to come, but if you are the defense you are probably not too upset because he says “could” not “should. Still bad, but there’s that.

It looks like the strongest aspect of the prosecution is something I did not understand initially which is the CHOICE to stay on top of him even with 2 different EMTs trying to assist. That’s the same point as the supervisor. Callous disregard (ie “reckless”)

I also still unclear on this part, but it looks like they actually had him in the car and then took him out and then this is when the knee started? I say that based on a talking head’s comment though, so not sure. If that was true then that makes all of this even worse.