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It is interesting how things get covered and the slant in the way things are covered based on politics. We all know this bias exists and it does of course go both ways. But it’s more than fair to point it out. Just imagine how this would still be covered by left leaning outlets if it did turn out to be a Q or Trump supporting person. You don’t have to try really hard either, just a simple effort at objectivity which I still think you’re capable of.

The fact is that covering violence the way left leaning outlets do is their MO so they will still cover this. They have to justify the eventual gun grabs, the walls built around the capital, the general hysteria over everything that will eventually allow them more control over everyone and everything.

It’s hardly surprising. I think the great mind of Alexandra Ocasio Ortiz has it all figured out.

Just watch it…. she’s sooo impressive right?

But from her perspective the mind control effort is a just cause. Change the meaning of words, instill fear…. whatever it takes. And she’s using exactly the same principle CNN and Fox use that differing opinions are dangerous so we need to make sure everybody thinks the same way about everything. There’s no more discourse.