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I guess you haven’t heard about Joe’s infrastructure bill? 1.9 trillion dollars not pesos. It’s phase one apparently…according to the administration and is to be followed by an equally robust “human” infrastructure bill.

I think that what’s actually going on here is that you really think everybody but you is some sort of moron. News flash axcel, you aren’t that smart.

These bills may as well be taken straight from AOC’s manifesto against farting cows and flying on planes or riding trains without holding office. Or at least having a windfarm reassignment voucher so you can ride with her thousand dollar pant suits in the cargo hold.

This shit is ground breaking and it’s hard to believe that a guy who spends a good chunk of his time doing a 50 piece puzzle that he can never quite finish, is capable at this late stage of life to suddenly turn into a legit Socialist all on his own.