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I got as close to God as I ever did … whatever that actually means, while meditating. Yet I know Christians who think meditating is some sort of evil sin. One of those Christians also thinks fireworks should be banned because their dog goes bananas every time he hears them. To which I once pointed out that some people would like for all the dogs to be rounded up and incinerated because dogs are annoying as funk to anyone who doesn’t have one…… haven’t seen that person in a while. And I don’t think I convinced them to be more open minded either.
And I still support their right to have their dumb views and think whatever they want to think so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. And I’m still for their right to believe whatever they want to believe even to the point of thinking homosexuality is a “sin” or other stuff the left would like to stomp out of every undesirable with any means necessary.
My point….. this is why government control is so awful. It’s why every Power grab, every expansion makes us less safe. It’s why I can’t understand how anyone could be a progressive.
It’s all about one side thinking they have the answer to everything and then forcing everyone to get in line or get crushed.