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This quote above is also consistent with what I said above about Trumpers and victimization. So, it’s not that Trump was a lunatic who flicked things up, it’s tgst he was a victim of unfair media SO NOW we Trumpers are going to treat Biden the same way. It’s not that GOP voter suppression is RACIST AF it’s just portrayed unfairly in the media so we are going to “cancel” MLB while composting 24/7 about cancelling Seuss. And, the MSM is so unfair (sigh, sniff sniff) that we support total disinformation on our (faux) news station

Ironically, that last part from the guy who pushed the Hunter Biden story (but at least so far ignores Gaetz). Spartan can’t even bring himself to comment now on Gaetz… lol…but can tell you all about Flynn…