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Joe’s infrastructure bill? 1.9 trillion dollars not pesos. It’s phase one apparently…according to the administration and is to be followed by an equally robust “human” infrastructure bill.

Very true. The infrastructure bill is not cheap; however, infrastructure has been ignored by both sides for a very long time. Tally up 50 some years about legislators pissing and moaning about cost, all while ensuring other agencies were almost over-budgeted. That fifty+ years of ignoring infrastructure is just coming due. If it creates jobs and rebuilds cities, I have no problem with that.

During the Depression, Roosevelt had to do a major overhaul, while enacting a ton of programs. Combine that with Pearl Harbor pushing the US into WWII, and people did what was needed. If WWII were happening in the modern era, and Biden was forced into that war, by today’s standards, even if they enacted the Defence Production Act, they would be lacking in “Rosie the Riveter” types, as people would weave politics into it and refuse to work the factories, as it would be viewed as a “blue state problem”.

I have no problem with Government interjecting resources into jobs and rebuilding cities. Personally, I’m tired of wondering if a chunk of bridge will land on my car as I’m driving through Philly.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.