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Obviously wouldn’t be a long term solution but 1 year deal.

Would prefer this over a 1st or 2nd round OL in the draft.

You want an young OL in the 1st or 2nd round to give them time to develop this year so that he can take over next year.

Since we re-signed LT Smith for an additional two more years (three years total), we do not have to worry about acquiring a starter at either tackle position (Wirfs is manning the right side).

This means we’re looking to improve the iOL positions at center, right guard, or both. Dotson is a tackle. I would not mind signing him on the cheap as he doesn’t hold back the team from acquiring a iOL in the draft high. Dotson can have one last hurrah with the possibility of winning a Championship. Having quality depth like Dotson on the team would be significant. He is a far better option than Haeg was last year.