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You are one thousand times the liar that Trump is. What you are trying to say here, you’ve already said dozens of times and it’s an outright, bold faced lie and I’m 100 percent sure that you know this.

And now you’re trying to say that BLM and antifa thugs are “black” protesters…. lol you wish. Black people are too smart to hang with that crowd of lowlife NYU dropout, trust fund kids.

It’s hilarious that an airforce veteran was shot dead by police in the capital during the protests/insurrection/coup attempt and you couldn’t care less but some molotov cocktail throwing antifa thug got illegally arrested for a few hours to which my response was “the courts will handle it ” and that I choose my battles and I’m the hypocrite?

I’m never for government overreach but if you think that means I’m going to let you manipulate me into being on your side of any argument so that you can spend the next four years trolling me with it then you mistake me for Fire.

So what did ever happen to those poor kids in Portland? Did they sue the government. I have a hard time believing the left would just let Trump off the hook. Where is the smoking gun? Uncle Joe is in charge now. Surely a miscarriage of justice like this will be brought to light since it can easily be laid at the feet of the orange man…right?

So one last time.