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Imagine that as a Trump supporter you make a one time donation in August that is very big for you, say $450. You want to help him get re-elected so he can “Keep America Great”

$450 is a lot for you, but this is an important cause “and the media is out to get Trump and we cant have the socialists in charge.”

a couple months after your donation you bounce a check

You go back and look and see that your ONE TIME $450 donation was doubled to $900 and made RECURRING

You complain via the Trump website, no response . . and the donations keep coming out of your account

You go the bank and get them to interceded, they do, but not until $6300 is out of your accounts.

You demand a refund, chalk it up to an error, maybe even on your part. Did you check those two boxes, one to double the donation and the other to make it recurring? (No, they were checked as the default, tats the scam)

Trump LOSES and you start to get bombed about a stolen election. “Stop the Steal!” if you want to “Keep America Great Again”

You go back and donate again, this time double checking those boxes

The insurrection occurs

Months later you learn that your SECOND donation (and others like it) were not used to “Stop the Steal,” but rather to REPAY the fraudulent withdrawals from your first donation.


Is there any point at which a hard core Trumper just acknowledges he/she has been CONNED?