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I don’t say that I don’t care about corruption because I do. If he did something wrong then he should be punished but as a lifelong Floridian I cannot express just how well I think Desantis handled the covid crisis. The economy is booming, people have jobs, people have lives, thousands of people are alive today because they didn’t kill themselves out of the deep depression that arises from never ending covid lockdowns… and losing your job, having no money and feeling worthless.

I live in Florida and I know lots of people. People are getting vaccinated at an extraordinary rate. My 35 year old wife got it because she’s a teacher. It’s not hard to get vaccinated.


weird, the non-Trumper trump voter is a DeSantis fan . . and based on misinformation

this is why all of you are actually the problem, you profess great concern for the country (“Drain the Swamp”) but look the other way when it suits you, in this instance based on your perception that a crook has done other things well

he leveraged a FEDERAL benefit (vaccinations) for personal political gain. That is exactly the same as Trump strong arming Ukraine

He shaded the death number in FL and then his system — vaccinate all seniors — blew up in his face and the federal government stepped in. He had to play CATCH UP.

You live on Mars, not in Florida :-)