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You are a real miserable sack.

How bout don’t watch Fox News….. I don’t.

If we let you judge what is true and what’s a lie we’d be living in a dystopian nightmare.

Anyone…. DC, DH, Roy….. Fire even! Any of you guys actually think Alice would be a good choice to the the arbiter of Truth and Lies?

Trying to figure out how fucked we are.

hey JavaBear

I am not judging what is true, I am explaining to you that there is a difference between what you claim to be “bias” in journalism and NEWS . . . bias . .look up the word


because that is obvious, you’re now trying to deflect by making it about “arbiter of the truth” LMAO

here’s the thing, if you want to assign the “miserable sack” moniker to anyone (absolutely stupid in this context, but okay . . .hahaha), how about:

1) the dope who claims to be a Libertarian, but actually voted for Trump?

2) Actually, how about he dope who SUPPORTS every Trump position, voted for Trump, openly says he’s attacking Biden because people were mean to Trump (LMAO) . . . but claims NOT to be a Trump supporter?

Not sure about “sack,” but that person seems pretty “miserable” right? Living a lie, right?