Natural Selection

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I think CB is the deepest position in this class. Maybe WR, but every year seems like a great WR class now. I’m seeing half a dozen corners I like available into the 4th /5th /6th rounds of the mock simulators. For that reason, I’d shy away from CB at 32. The depth of quality talent is not there with the big guys. Especially OT and DT. So if a tackle on either side that we like close to a WR/S/CB, even edge or LB, I’d be even more inclined to go with the big body than usual. I do see edge and interior oline prospects potentially slipping past round 3.

I like Quinn and would be happy to take him at 64. I’d prefer a guy like Trey Smith, who I think has tackle potential, but Smith may be gone by that point. I think we can find a G/C in rounds 4/5 but much less likely to get a T/G there. I wouldn’t mind one of each if we’re able to trade back and pick up and extra pick or two.

I don’t think there is any way Cox falls to the end of the third. That would be awesome, but I feel extremely unlikely. I do like a couple of the big safeties/LBs that could be there or later like Deablo from VT or Stevens from LSU. Who I feel would grow into a similar role I’d see Cox filling. I really like Jabril but don’t know he’s an early down mlb in a 3/4 or 4/3 scheme.

I don’t HATE Mills but would not use that premium draft asset on him. Personally, I would not take him before our 6th pick. I don’t think this is a great year to get a developmental QB.