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Well, what was the context of the full message? You can’t just pick out a word regardless of context.

Not directed at you, @Kenntak, but your question is a good place to start.

In this era of cancel culture and who can use or cannot use a word, the only way to eradicate such nonsense is to uphold the socially created implied law.

Let’s look at country singer Morgan Wahlen and when he used the N-word as term of endearment to his friend. Did Morgan use the N-word in a positive way? There are popular rap songs that use the N-word in a positive and also derogatory way, but they’re not cancelled because it’s a black rapper saying it.

Now, with CD-III, he is using a widely known derogatory term for Asians with the G-work, one of many. What is very funny is the G-word is associated with the term lame. That is the whole point of creating the G-word is to be identifying a race of citizens as lame. LMFAO! The G-word wasn’t created out of anywhere in south Florida, but you probably do or did have a lot of former military who retired in Florida who probably had fought in particular wars overseas that used the G-word to paint a particular enemy as lesser than themselves as a form of psychological reasoning. Isn’t that how the N-word is also used?

CD-III may have used the G-word innocently, but so did Morgan, but Morgan was cancelled right away.

The only way to break the stupidity of the social construct of the implied law of cancel culture is to enforce it completely.

Unfortunately, CD-III’s mistake is made more egregious during these times where it appears the black community is out to destroy the asian community, as witnessed on tv across the nation.

I think CD-III will get a pass because he’s a minority, which is sheer hypocrisy. If CD-III were white and said it, then he would be dragged through the media non-stop as well as be cancelled.

I love CD-III. This may be an ignorant mistake. Does context matter? Sure it does, but it didn’t matter with Morgan. If CD-III gets a pass, then the state of our society truly is skewed if our society is based upon equality.