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Obviously he was talking about a person he knew to be Asian, not just any person. so I’m not buying that he wasn’t using it in a racial way.

As for the poor white people who are so abused by today’s society (sarcasm), Riley Cooper received a fine from his team for using the “n” word. He wasn’t released. Davis will likely have a similar consequence. So point not taken.

Even though I’m white, or because I’m white, its tiring to hear people continue to project the idea that blacks are given special treatment over whites, when the opposite is true. In today’s politically correct society, nobody gets a free pass to say racist things. And that’s as it should be.

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Riley Cooper said his statement before sheep were so brainwashed in 2020. Totally different climate. Look at Meyers Leonard. dude is out of the league.

what was Desean jacksons punishment? Let’s see if a white player tweets something stupid between now and regular season and you can see the double standard.

but let me guess, you also believe maintaining an ID is voter suppression as well?