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uh . . no . . removing polling stations and drop boxes and voting buses (to increase lines in BLACK COMMUNITIES) all of which you previously supported BEFORE YOU LOST and then criminalizing aid to those in even longer lines . . is racist . . obviously

Where you vote is determined at the local level. That is, each county has their own ELECTED officials including a County Supervisor of Elections. Therefore the counties where there are long lines, not enough voting times etc are expericning problems because of the mechanisms put into place by the people they themselves voted in to do it. The Georgia new law for example, stipulates that each voting station can only serve a certain number of people and if during an election the lines are too long, in the next election you must increase the number of polling stations or the number of staff to be able to accommodate that number of people.

Roving buses seeking voters. Do I really have to address that one? Except to point out that it only occurred in the last election in one county, so the “it was approved before” seems to be a load of ****

Before now there was nothing in Georgia voting law that dealt with drop boxes. Some counties did not have any at all. This law stipulates you HAVE to provide at least 2 per county. They also need to be monitored. In the last election there were a number of boxes in the middle of nowhere with no monitoring or supervision at all. Not saying anything DID happen, but the doors were left wide open.

There ARE a couple of head scratchers here I will admit. i.e. why do absentee ballots have to be in 11 days before the election. I don’t see the point in that one. Some time before, sure, but 11 days?

What I see is a series of steps designed to avoid the criticism Georgia came under from the last debacle and to ensure people aren’t FINDING and counting votes 6 days after the election was supposedly done. The optics on that one is just ripe for conspiracy theories at the very least. As history showed.

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