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Reportedly DeSantid refused the sit down interview, that’s why it’s a clip from a press conference (not the norm for 60 minutes)

I wouldn’t doubt it. DeSenseless is the Poster Child for “Fucking Moron” if there ever was one. His only skill above Trump works be that he probably has more financial access from the Cartels.

if you look online you can find the complete response from DeSantis. Ask yourself why does he say Walgreens & CVS had the vaccine first (with it saying that that was because of a federal program)?

I don’t doubt you for one minute. That dude is corrupt as hell. I got my vaccinations through the FEMA site, which he cannot control. Considering I’ve never voted for a Republican in my entire life, for any office, I imagine that my place in HIS line would be sometime in 2022. 😎

(Once, I even contacted the mayoral candidate in Tarpon Springs to ask him what was his party affiliation since the ballot didn’t list it. The dude answered his own phone. I’ve been to a number of events with politicians in the past, and I’ve never met a single one that didn’t, at least, have a girl answering their phone for them. Even the lowest rung peeps on IMDb mostly still have agents.)

Public makes sense and that is his best defense. But he’s already been busted LYING about the Keys so that and the donations in December make it tough to believe. He’s reaping what he sowed, at very best.

True again. IMHO, DeSenseless has no defence, as he knows exactly what he’s doing. He can play stupid, like Trump; however, that method seems exclusive to Trump. Others who try it just end up pudding people off. (See “Gaetz” for reference points. 😎)

The guy is just flat-out crooked. He reminds me of the character of the mayor in Animal House. Airing what works you expect from a state that houses crime bosses in Witness Protection, and is the second retirement option for Mafia Bosses, just after Las Vegas.

I am not very familiar with Kermit, so I have no reference points from before he drank the kool-aid. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.