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I have not read the whole opinion, but I admire Justice Thomas, but my initial response is:

a. Twitter is a private company, not a Govt entity, therefore not subject to the 1st Amendment.

b. This is pretty much, but maybe in different terms, what the Tech Giants have been arguing for years. They are a platform and are not responsible for what is written or said on it.

OK, I just read it, and he is smart, very smart. Essentially what he has done, IMO, is fire a shot across the bows to the Tech Giants that he is sympathetic to a hearing that they ought to be treated as a public carrier if they continue to pick the winners and losers in who gets to speak and who does not. Especially when those decisions are being made by a very small number of people.

Putting aside if you think the decisions were right or wrong, I get the feeling that he has seen what they did to Trump and thought who’s next?