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Gaetz’s biggest problem right now is that he is not known to play well with others. Therefore few, if any of his Congressional colleagues are willing to step up to the bat and defend him. He had better have some good answers or based on that, he is possibly in big trouble.

First off, way to own your own shit lol. You attacked me and it blew up in your face. No biggy. It most be to you though because you’ve posted since that time in other threads, on other topics, but now you’re claiming you were too busy, don’t hang on others words lol. Not too busy to post on other topics.

Second, he’s got bigger problem then being a gadfly. He’s under investigation by the US atty for a various serious charge. He’s hiring defense counsel, not a political consultant.

Third, you may actually be doubling down on the first misjudgment, meaning your preconceived belief – even now shattered – colors your perception of the issue. He might never be charged but most mildly objective people would see the outrageous stunt of outing an FBI investigation by way of a lie on National tv as the act of a pretty desperate person. He CLEARLY think he’s in trouble.

But hey, he seems honest.


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