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The defense will dispute the testimony on training

This. In the circumstances it was obvious Chauvin’s boss would throw him under the bus no matter what. It should be easily provable one way or the other. If the boss is correct it will be documented in the training manuals and Chauvin is in deep poop. If he (the boss) is wrong, and I was the defense attorney, I would roll out a whole bunch of Police Officers saying this is the way we were trained.

The leadership was going to throw him under the bus because they need to save the department and he is union (aligned with the racist who retired)

You’re missing the key point though. Even if the knee was allowed there’s no way he gets around brushing off the EMTs snd keeping him prone. The other officer even asks him to roll him on his side. In other words, the policy is not black and white, it’s judgment based and at least two steps, force when resisting and custody while restrained.

The jury is unpredictable, but in terms of the policy he blew the second part because the victim is in cuffs and prone and stopped resisting. This is why the defense has been playing up crowd control as distraction.

He may still get acquitted. Cops are overwhelmingly acquitted BUT a truly objective jury (no such thing) would be deciding between deprave heart murder and manslaughter