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Yeah I agree that 60 minutes could’ve gotten it wrong BUT the Palm Beach County mayor is only going to say that. Mozkowjtz is more compelling.

One other option. Like many things Trumpian they can both be true. Publix is an obvious choice because of statewide coverage and a pharmacy but that doesn’t mean there was not a deal … and that possibility is even more in play because of the way DeSantis has handheld the issue, which is to say lies and shifting stories.

Weird…. this sounds a lot like the rationale behind Trump must be a russian agent. lol

And to really hammer the point home with something everyone is 100 percent certain of what side you were on, this sounds a lot like the rationale behind Hunters laptop means Joe Biden was selling access to the white house.

So weird.

Do everyone a favor and smash all your devices with a hammer so the rest of us can enjoy the cove without witnessing the daily spam fucking.