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I read the PFT article. I get the logic, but why this year? It didn’t cost Carolina a whole lot of draft picks or cap space for Darnold. They can afford to keep both QBs, so why not? Darnold could be a bust, and they have to revert back to Bridgewater.

On the Bucs end, lets say they do have an interest in Bridgewater. Then why not wait until next year? Bridgewater will be due $26 mil with a $5 dead cap hit. So there’s no way Carolina keeps him, nor would anyone else want that contract. Bridgewater will be free to sign with the Bucs in 2022, and Brady will probably still be here. Bridgewater could get his year of tutoring.

I’m not advocating for Bridgewater. I’m just saying that if the Bucs do have the intention of making him a QB here, it wouldn’t happen until next year.