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A few veterans is a good thing, but too many can be a recipe for disaster. Tom Brady -good. JPP and Suh- OK let roll with that. But you need to balance those veterans and bring in some younger, fresher legs. Now everybody wants to sign the veteran FAs out there who may have one last hurrah, but maybe they already had their last hurrah. You don’t want your team to turn into the over the hill gang. SO I’d stay away from guys like Dotson or Gerald McCoy or any more of the seasoned veterans who maybe have a little too much seasoning. Try to find the younger unknown guys in the draft or off practice squads rather than sign guys on their last legs. The Bucs have been able to do that pretty well in the past with Nacho, Brate, Stinnie. Or you can hit on those Day 3 draft picks like Whitehead or Miller. That’s how we have to fill out this roster, not with the aging vets.