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I am black and all I can do is LOL at white victimhood. “oooh, woe is us.” Too much! Carry on. As far as Chicago, that’s a poverty problem, not a black problem….Sorry to disappoint your prejudice and justification for practicing racism.

it’s sort of how one might laugh at the BLM movement that rises up every election year.

democrats control congress, senate, and the presidency yet notice how they/media have pivoted from BLM to other things like asian hate and gun control, etc. They wont do crap the next 2 years for BLM but blame some dude trumps tweets nobody cares about anymore. Yet—you will continue to buy them as the lessor of two evils when they manipulate voters every 4 years and make no changes. Ask yourself – is that what you deserve? Why won’t they make any changes when they have the power to do so?