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Looks quite nasty and something to be concerned about, but …


At Piney Point, officials have assured the water itself is not radioactive but there is still some concern over its contents.

The water is believed to be primarily a mix of saltwater and stormwater with rainfall.

Florida’s authorities have said the water meets the quality standards for marine waters.

However, its pH levels – acidity – are somewhat out of the norm as are the total levels of phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen.

I also don’t see how this is a GOP driven deregulation issue since the place closed down in 1999 and abandoned the plant in 2001. Jeb Bush became Governor in 1999, before that, with 2 deviations in 1967 and 1987, the State has had Democratic Governors uninterrupted since 1877.

Lol. I don’t know why the term radioactive was used but it’s beyond stupid (or intentionally misleading) to say “mostly seawater” or “mostly rainwater” because of course that’s true (mostly water) but if it wasn’t polluted with phosphate and nitrogen it would’ve already been released lmao or releasing it now wouldn’t be a problem

A Google-level curiosity would find plenty of info on the danger

And yes deregulation is a GOP staple so no escaping that (in the real world). Maybe there’s some windmills to blame tho….