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There are apparently quite a few of these stacks dotted around Florida, so if they are radioactive, it can’t be that bad. It sounds, and I am by far not an expert on this, that its like going to dentist for a tooth xray. If you are exposed to it all day, every day you run the risk of experiencing an issue without precautions. Hell, technically cell phones are radio-active.

With all that said, the biggest problem appears to be the fertilizer bit of this in conjunction with the time of year causing the “water” to not dissipate. It could a super bloom of algae which when it dies could cause problems such as a lack of oxygen in the water with the resulting fish die offs.

It is problematic to be sure, but doesn’t seem quite as catastrophic and dire as it’s being made out to be. At least not from what I can see. With that said I can’t see myself going swimming in Tampa Bay this weekend.